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WaterSam - Samplers, Monitoring Stations, Custom Sampling Solutions

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 WaterSam GmbH & Co.KG

WaterSam GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1996 by former employees of Edmund Bühler GmbH, the one-time
leader in the sampler industry. We have since become one of   the leading manufacturers of automated
samplers and 
monitoring stations, with a worldwide presence and sales network.


Exclusively designed and manufactured in Germany, our samplers feature high-quality materials and components to 
provide long-term reliability with minimal maintenance. Each sampler undergoes an extensive quality control check 
before leaving our premises.


As specialists with decades of experience in the sampling industry and a track record of success on a wide variety of 
demanding international projects, we offer you the benefit of our expertise to find the water sampling solution best 
suited to your requirements.


Our technicians’ extensive knowledge and hands-on field experience enables them to continuously refine our product 
designs, incorporating the latest technology and creating innovative new solutions such as the industry’s first multi-
axis distributor system.


Our modular design approach allows us to offer samplers for a variety of highly specialized settings and applications. 
The versatile controller software and distributor system allow a vast array of modifications to suit your needs - even 
long after the initial purchase  

Customer Focus

Whether offering friendly professional advice or providing prompt and reliable after-sales service, we have built up an 
impressive reputation by putting our customers at the centre of our vision. Your long-term satisfaction will always be 
our highest priority.


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