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The XY Distributor System

Front right position – the WaterSam XY Distributor for direct sample distribution
Front right position – the WaterSam XY Distributor for direct sample distribution


Direct sample distribution with unmatched flexibility

The WaterSam XY Distributor is the original dual-axis sample distribution system, successfully in use for over 15 years.
Sample bottles are accurately located using factory or user-preset coordinates, offering the user numerous benefits.

Direct Bottle Filling
By positioning itself directly above the sample bottle to be filled, the XY Distributor ensures each sample is deposited directly into the appropriate container, so that:

  • there is no distributor plate to clean and

  • cross-contamination of samples is prevented.

Maximum Sample Storage Capacity
Free movement throughout the sample storage chamber ensures efficient use of the   entire floor space available. This is in contrast to rotating distributors which are limited to their diameter, and often use wedge-shaped bottles which can be difficult to clean properly.

Bottle Combination Switching without Additional Parts
Ability to Use Customer-Specific Bottles and Bottle Combinations
With numerous sample bottle set combinations already pre-programmed, the WaterSam XY Distributor allows the user to easily switch from one sample bottle set to another.

  • Purchasing a bottle set with a sampler does not limit future possibilities

because switching to a completely different combination of bottles merely requires selecting the desired bottle combination in the software menu.

  • Switching bottle combinations and

  • using customer-specific bottles

do not require the purchase of any additional parts.

Stability and Reliability with Minimal Follow-up Costs
Due to many years of successful use, the XY Distributor has become highly valued and praised by our clients not only for its unbeatable versatility, but also for its proven reliability and low follow-up costs.

XYZ Distributor

If pinpoint accuracy is required for sample bottle filling, or for applications where certain volatile sample medium contents are to be kept in the sample, the solution may be the:
optional XYZ Distributor with 3-axis travel
which has vertical axis movement in addition to the two horizontal axes.


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