Heavy-Duty Double Duty

Sampler for Highly Corrosive Conditions

Samplers are commonly installed in locations where the ambient air is highly corrosive. The sample media can also have very corrosive properties. With the heavy-duty chemical upgrade by WaterSam, our samplers can withstand these conditions.

In this example, the sampler posesses two separate sampling systems. A robust pump and special valves contribute to a long service life, despite highly corrosive ambient air and sample media.

  • Housing made of high-grade 316Ti stainless steel, with a polymer powder coating in a color selected by the client
  • Equipped with special components
  • Cost savings due to two independently operated sampling systems in one unit
  • Space savings due to the need for only one cabinet
  • Separate sampling lines ensure remove all possibility of cross-contamination
  • Robust drawer with two stainless steel bottle trays, each with 12 bottles for easy removal