Sealed and Delivered

Sampler for Highly Volatile Substances

When sampling highly volatile substances, it is imperative to prevent vaporization so that samples are are not falsified.
There is even a WaterSam solution available for this application.

By using specially-designed sample containers and sophisticated technology, this sampler is able to take samples while completely eliminating the samples’ exposure to air. This method ensures an accurate sample with exact representation of volatile substances.

  • No falsification of samples, due to prevention of vaporizing by volatile substances (organochloride / chlorinated hydrocarbon) as well as preventing mingling with the surrounding air
  • Sample containers remain airtight even when removed from sampler
  • Easy emptying of sample containers by means of a specially-made apparatus
  • Material adaptations according to client wishes
  • Automatic emptying of sample containers when samples are not needed

Optionally: sample containers can be immersed directly in the stream to be sampled