Robust and Reliable

Sampling System for Quartz-Kaolinite

Sampling despite challenging conditions.
Even thick, abrasive substances must sometimes be sampled. Sampling such media however, can be very difficult. In this case, it is imperative to make a sampling system that ensures samples are always taken reliably.

This sampling system is in operation to monitor abrasive agents used in cleaning products.

  • Reliable sampling despite abrasive cleaning agent with low viscosity
  • Thans to the WS INLINEcut® system*, samples can be taken directly out of the pipe without needing to drain excess sample media

*The general advantages of the WS INLINEcut® system at a glance:

  • No excess sample medium to drain
  • Can sample most media, from ultrapure water to heavily soiled wastewater; even oily substances and sludge
  • Problem-free sampling from pressurized lines up to 10 bar
Quartz Kaolinite