From simple operation to comprehensive communication possibilities

WaterSam Controllers

WaterSam offers two different controllers for samplers and monitoring stations. Both controllers offer reliable performance and a broad range of features.

With the MS3 controller, WaterSam has set new standards. In addition to comprehensive communications possibilities, the MS3 sets itself apart with its through its user-friendly layout and easy operation.

WaterSam-Probenehmer-Steuerung - WaterSam sampler controller

MS3 Controller

Easy Operation
The large backlit graphic display permits a clear and simple view of menus. The 24 keys make menu navigation very straightforward and easy. In addition to the numerical and navigation keys, there are direct function keys to start, pause and stop selected programs, as well as take a grab sample. This means controller operation remains dependable regardless of precipitation or extreme temperatures; even when using gloves.

Versatile Parameter Settings
All programs can be configured according to the user’s needs. Programs can be run simultaneously or in a specific order.
If the application demands special considerations, a wide range of system and program parameters can be adjusted without hassle.
In order to protect the sampler against unauthorized access, a special code can be set by the operator to limit access to several different menu levels. The levels of protection permits varying degrees of access to specific sampler functions and settings.

Comprehensive Communication
The numerous ports on the controller allow simple communication with the sampler. With a Modbus protocol, the sampler can be integrated into an on-site control system
The USB port can be used to retrieve saved data as well as load software updates. The available webserve facilitates access to sampler functions and information.
The controller has a 4 GB storage space, and can be expanded to 32 GB.
In addition to 4 separate analog inputs and an analog output, the MS3 controller features 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs as standard equipment.

Sensor Connection
Intelligent sensors can be connected directly to the MS3, and monitored data can then be stored. This completely eliminates the need for an expensive transmitter.

Energy Efficient
The technologically advanced MS3 has especially low power consumption.
Additionally, portable samplers feature an intelligent sleep mode to further increase efficiency and thereby extend battery life. The sleep mode is activated not only before and after a sampling campaign, but also in between individual samplings.


Standard Controller

The standard WaterSam controller is suitable for a wide variety of applications.
Its 4-key user interface is easy to operate, and yet it offers the possibility of running up to 9 sampling programs at the same time.
In addition, the standard controller has multiple menu levels, enabling the user to set a code that restricts access to certain menus.
The 4 analog inputs and 10 digital inputs enable time-, volume-, flow-, and event-proportional sampling.
A built-in RS-232 serial port permits communication with external devices. With an optional modem, even remote control is a possibility.

Standard ControllerMS3 Controller
Display4 x 20 characters128 x 128 pixel graphic display
Keypad4 navigation keys5 navigation keys, 4 color direct function keys, 3 flexible-function keys, numerical keys
Programs9 programs (several / all can run simultaneously)9 programs (several / all can run simultaneously)
Inputs10 digital inputs, 4 analog inputs16 digital inputs, 4 analog inputs
Outputs16 digital outputs16 digital outputs, 1 analog output
PortsRS-232RS-232, RS-485, 10/100 Ethernet TCP/IP, USB Host, Mini-USB Port Slave.
Communication-Modbus RTU/ASCII/TCP, opt. Profibus

OptionsRemote control via GSM modemData logging, webserver, remote control via GSM modem