Portable Automated Sampling

WS Compact Mobile Sampler

The WS Compact is a battery-operated sampler. With its one-piece plastc housing and compact design, the sampler is easy to carry to remote locaions.

  • Lightweight sampler housing made of HDPE
  • Built-in battery allows use away from mains power
  • Up to 3 weeks battery life with intelligent power saving mode
  • Socket for connecton of an external battery or charger
  • Socket for connecton of flow or event signal
  • USB-socket
  • Robust vacuum pump sampling system for highest repeatability, simple cleaning and minimal maintenance
  • Lockable with separate lock
WS Compact


WaterSam controllers feature user-friendly operation and reliability. The MS3 not only enables to the activation of programs at the same time, they can be also run simultaneously.
Custom software modifications can easily made upon request.



The WaterSam MS3 controller offers user-friendly operation in addition to a range of communications possibilities and the ability to retrieve data from internal and external sources.
Despite the wide-ranging possibilities available, sampler operation is very user-friendly thanks to the 24 keys and large graphic display. Color-coded direct function keys serve to start, pause and stop selected programs. A grab sample can be taken simply by pressing the blue key.
Intelligent sensors can be connected directly to the controller, without the need for a transmitter. If desired, a variety of data can be accessed and retrieved via a USB port.

Sampling Systems

Depending on conditions and requirements, samplers are available with diverse sampling systems:

Sample Distribution

Passive/without Cooling

Composite container (no distributor):

  • 6.4 l PE
  • 10.4 l PE
  • 17 l PE
WS Compact


Intake Line

  • Strainer
  • Positioning armature for intake hose

Others upon request

Data Storage

  •  Data logger (for saving sampling data, monitoring data from external sensors)

Others upon request

 Sampling Components

  •  Conforming of materials for the sampling line (intake hose, sampling system, distributor hose,
    sample bottles) e.g.: PTFE, PVDF, FPM.

Others upon request

Technical Specifications

WS Compact

GeneralPortable sampler for indoor and outdoor applications
(H x W x D)
640 x 505 x 450 mm
WeightApprox. 17.5 kg (incl. batteries and composite container)
Power RequirementsMains power: 110 - 240 V AC; 50 / 60 Hz
Battery: 24 V DC


Housing MaterialsHDPE
Environmental ConsiderationConstruction facilitates easy separation of materials for proper recycling and disposal

Sampling (Standard System)

Sampling SystemVAC vacuum pump system for time-, volume-, event-proportional sampling
Sample Volume12 - 200 ml; multiple-shot sampling possible
Optional: 400 ml
Metering VesselDURAN 50 borosilicate glass; dishwasher-safe, resistant to acid, alkali, and temperature fluctuations
Pump PerformanceMax. 7 m lift height;
-0.7 to 1 bar; 9 l/min free flow
Intake Hose12 mm ID PVC
Wetted PartsBorosilicate glass, PE, PVC, stainless steel 304/316Ti, silicone (optional: alternative materials as required)