Discrete Bottle Filling with Numerous Possibilities

Sample Distribution with the XY Distributor

The XY Distributor impresses with its unbeatable flexibility.

For over 20 years, the WaterSam XY Distributor has been winning fans. As the standard discrete sample distribution system in our samplers, it has proven its reliability and long service life. Our customers value the wide range of possibilities available with the XY Distributor, and praise its low follow-up costs.

Discrete Sample Bottle Filling
The XY Distributor travels to each sample bottle to deposit samples directly. With this method, there is no need for a distributor plate, which can be time-consuming to clean. Cross-contamination is a thing of the past thanks to the XY Distributor.

Exact Positioning
The XY Distributor positions itself precisely above each sample bottle based on pre-set coordinates or positions entered by the customer.

Maximum Storage Space
While a rotating distributor is limited by its diameter, the free mobility of the XY Distributor throughout the entire sample storage area allows it to fully utilize all available space.
This also ensures that sample bottles are easy to clean, since there is no need for wedge-shaped bottles.

Numerous Bottle Combinations
The free movement of the distributor permits a variety of pre-set bottle combinations. Switching between different bottle sets is simple and can be done additional parts. If the bottle combination is switched, only the distributor setting must be changed on the controller
Even customer-specific bottles can easily be used without the need for additional accessories.

Saving Time and Effort
Bottle combinations consisting of multiple bottles and an additional large container. This allows discrete samples and a composite sample to be taken at the same time.

Since there is no longer any need to homogenize the discrete samples into a composite sample, this type of combination serves to reduce the workload as well as eliminate filling mistakes. Abnormalities in discrete sample bottles can then be analyzed while a complete composite sample is still available.

XYZ Distributor

WaterSam developed the XYZ Distributor for special sample distribution requirements. In addition to the many benefits of the regular XY Distributor, this system is especially well suited to applications where degassing of the sample medium is to be avoided.

While the XY Distributor moves along a horizontal plane, the XYZ Distributor has additional vertical movement.

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WaterSam XY-Verteiler - Probenflasche rechts vorne