High-Performance Sample Advancing for Online Analyzers

WS 98 Assist Sample Delivery System

Intermediary Sampling System

Online analyzers are often not designed for demanding sampling applications. If sample media are to be drawn from large depths, exceptional distances or out of pressurized lines, analyzers can reach the limits of their abilities.
The solution is an intermediary system for sample advancing. The WaterSam sample delivery system has been proven time and again, being deployed by large chemical firms as well as many other industries.

  • Sample advanced over long distances, from large depths or from a pressurized line
  • High availability of fresh sample medium for analyzers
  • Adjustable sampling intervals
  • Preparation of samples for extraction by analyzer
  • Minimizing of blockage in analyzer
  • Adjustable rinsing function for sampling vessel and conveyance line
  • Monitoring of delivery system and extraction by Analyzer
  • Optional adapting of wetted materials
  • With or without viewing window
  • Low maintenance
WS 98 Assist

Technical Specifications

Ambient Temperature+1 °C to +42 °C
HousingFiberglass cabinet with or without viewing window
Lift HeightMax. 8m / 30m *
Sampling DistanceHorizontal up to 100 m or more, depending on sampling interval