The Most Compact All-Weather Sampler

WS 312 Stationary Sampler

The WS 312 is a space-saving sampler for all standard indoor and outdoor applications. With its built-in cooling and heating, samples are stored reliably at the desired temperature.

  • Weather-proof housing and roof made of durable stainless steel; upper panel door included
  • Three separate technical compartments in the upper section of the sampler to protect the pump, electronics and refrigeration unit
  • Freely adjustable and highly accurate temperature control for the sample storage chamber, for ambient temperatures from -25°C to +42°C
  • High-performance vacuum sampling system – alternatively available with any other WaterSam sampling system
  • Borosilicate glass metering vessel protected in sample storage chamber to minimize sample falsication that could stem from temperature extremes
  • Hose inlet on the left and right side; optionally from below
  • Available with XY Distributor for direct filling of numerous bottle sets without cross-contamination
  • Simple upgrade to monitoring station can be made at anytime
  • Wide range of optional equipment: housing materials, pumps, valves, etc.
WS 312 Stationary Sampler


WaterSam controllers feature user-friendly operation and reliability. Both controller types not only enable to the activation of programs at the same time, they can be also run simultaneously.
Custom software modifications can easily made upon request.

WS 312 Stationary Sampler

Standard Controller

The standard WaterSam controller is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Its 4-key user interface is easy to operate, and yet it offers the possibility of running up to 9 sampling programs at the same time. In addition, the standard controller has multiple menu levels, enabling the user to set a code that restricts access to certain menus. The 4 analog inputs and 10 digital inputs enable time-, volume-, flow-, and event-proportional sampling.
A built-in RS-232 serial port permits communication with external devices. With an optional modem, even remote control is a possibility.

WS 312 Stationary Sampler


The WaterSam MS3 controller offers user-friendly operation in addition to a range of communications possibilities and the ability to retrieve data from internal and external sources.
Despite the wide-ranging possibilities available, sampler operation is very user-friendly thanks to the 24 keys and large graphic display. Color-coded direct function keys serve to start, pause and stop selected programs. A grab sample can be taken simply by pressing the blue key.
Intelligent sensors can be connected directly to the controller, without the need for a transmitter. If desired, a variety of data can be accessed and retrieved via a USB port.

Sampling Systems

Depending on conditions and requirements, samplers are available with diverse sampling systems:

*Requires special housing or external mounting of sampling system

Sample Distribution

Direct Bottle Filling with Numerous Possibilities
Our XY Distributor system has been in use successfully for nearly 20 years. Its wide array of possibilities, reliable operation and minimal follow-up costs have made it the distributor of choice among our customers. The two-axis system makes full use of the entire sample storage chamber by using coordinates to travel and locate bottle positions.

With XY Distributor

Discrete samples:

  • 2 x 10.4  l PE
  • 4 x 6.4 l / 12 l PE
  • 12 x 2.9 l / PE
  • 12 x 2 l glass
  • 16 x 2 l PE
  • 24 x 1 l PE
  • 24 x 1 l glass

Discrete + composite samples:

  • 12 x 1 l + 1 x 10.4 l
  • 12 x 2 l + 1 x 6.4 l
  • 7 x 2 l + 14 x 1 l

Composite Containers
(without Distributor)

  • 10.4 l PE
  • 15.4 l PE
  • 20 l PE
  • 26.4 l PE

The use of custom bottle combinations and/or client-specific bottles is possible

WS 312 Stationary Sampler
WS 312 Stationary Sampler
WS 312 Stationary Sampler
WS 312 Stationary Sampler
WS 312 Stationary Sampler
WS 312 Stationary Sampler


Housing Equipment

  • Carriage with castors
  • 300 mm tall base (other heights upon request)
  • Solid controller panel door without window
  • Intake hose through floor or rear wall of sampler
  • Upgrade to monitoring station
  • Interior lighting with door switch
  • Door switch for access surveillance
  • Power socket installed in housing
  • Cylinder locks for doors
  • Protection hoods for ventilation slits
  • Connection flange for hose with external air supply for refrigeration unit

Others upon request

Technical Equipment

  • Main power switch
  • Connection sockets
  • Residual-current circuit breaker
  • Various vacuum pumps
  • Peristaltic pump
  • Rotatary distributor
  • Data logger (for saving sampling data, monitoring data from internal measuring instruments and/or external on-line sensors)
  • Easy Handling package
  • Heavy-duty pump and valve package for corrosive media / environment
  • Inlet hose heating

Others upon request


  • GSM modem for remote operation, SMS and Program start via Mobile telephone, complete access to sampler software via PC / Laptop
  • Profibus-DP
  • Signal relays (general error alarm, bottle changed, sample taken, program started, program stopped, return of power after outage)

Others upon request

Sampling Components

  • Conforming of materials for the sampling line (intake hose, sampling system, distributor hose, sample bottles) e.g.: PTFE, PVDF, FPM.
  • Metering vessels with alternative volumes (e.g. 200 / 350 / 500 / 750 / 1000 ml)
  • Numerous sample containers with a variety of capacities and materials
  • Positioning armature for intake hose
  • Filter basket

Others upon request

Technical Specifications

WS 312

GeneralStationary sampler for indoor and outdoor applications
NormsCE, compliant with ISO 5667
DimensionsHxWxD: 1,020 x 590 x 590 mm
Width including mounting rails: 720 mm
WeightApprox. 70-80 kg, depending on equiment
Power Requirements230 V AC (optional: 110 V AC), 50 Hz (optional: 60 Hz), Main fuse 16 A
OutputApprox. 750 VA max. including high-performance cooling and heating
Ambient Temperature-25 °C to +42 °C

Sampling (Standard System)

Sampling SystemVAC vacuum pump system for time-, volume-, event-proportional sampling
Optional: VAR-B, VAR-E, VAR-C or peristaltic pump for flow-proportional sampling (variable volumes)
Sampling Volume12 - 200 ml (multiple-shot sampling possible)
Optional: up to 2000 ml (without distributor)
Metering VesselDURAN 50 borosilicate glass; dishwasher-safe, resistant to acid, alkali, and temperature fluctuations
Pump PerformanceMax. 8 m lift height;
0.5 m/s up to 6 m lift heights;
14 l/min free flow
- high-performance pump (19 l/min)
- VacuPress for lift heights up to 30 m
Intake Hose12 mm ID PVC (optional: 16 mm ID)
Wetted PartsBorosilicate glass, PE, PVC, stainless steel 304/316Ti, silicone (optional: alternative materials as required)
Other SystemsSee "Sampling Systems"

Housing / Temperature Control

Housing MaterialStainless steel 304
– Stainless steel 316Ti
– Powder coating (RAL colors)
– Plastic (UV resistant)
Insulation40 mm, cold-bridge free; not foamed
Environmental ConsiderationConstruction facilitates easy separation of materials for proper recycling and disposal
PartitioningThree separate technical compartments in top dry section for electrical/electronics, refrigeration unit and other components
Placement of Sampling SystemMetering vessel in temperature-controlled sample chamber; protected from heat and frost
InstallationEasy floor mounting and firm footing with sturdy base rails
Temperature ControlPT 100 3-point thermostat
RefrigerationCompressor cooling; 230 V AC, 150 W; CFC-free refrigerant R134a; adjustable automatic defrosting (interval, time, duration, max. temperature)
Optional for corrosive environment, e.g. H2S: evaporator plate separate from sample storage chamber, clean external air drawn to cabinet via ventilation flange
HeatingElectric heating unit in stainless steel sleeve; 230 V AC, 350 W (optionally 24 V DC)
Sample StorageTemperature adjustable; pre-set to 3 °C

Distributor (optional)

DistributorXY Distributor: two-axis coordinate system for direct depositing of discrete samples with no cross-contamination
Bottle SynchronizationAutomatic
Sample Bottles & SetsSee "Sample Distribution"