Sample Chamber Protection for Explosive Substances

WS 316 EX II Interior Sampler

Especially in the chemical industry, sampling media can contain flammable substances and present an explosion hazard. In many cases, preventing ignition at the sampling point as well as in the sample storage area.

This variation of the WS 316 was developed for such applications, where only the sample storage chamber is classified according to the ATEX norm for Ex Zone II. The huge cost savings compared to a fully ATEX-certified sampler, as well as the outstanding quality, make the WS 316 EX II Interior a popular sampler among large international firms.

The WS 316 EX II Interior features the same benefits as the WS 316, and in addition offers the following functions:

  • Sample storage chamber classified according to ATEX norm for Ex Zone II 3G Ex ic IIB T6-10=Ta=+60°C
  • Pneumatically-operated distributor for direct bottle filling, thereby eliminating the need for a distributor plate and preventing cross-contamination
  • Numerous bottle combinations up to 24 x 1 l bottles
  • Various sampling systems available
  • No recalibrating sample volumes after cleaning
  • Available with Ex-proof heating
  • Optional static cooling with evaporator plate encased in the rear wall
  • If required, sample storage chamber can be provided with lock and/or monitoring of door movements
Stationärer Probenehmer mit Innenraum Ex-Zone 2 - Stationary Sampler with Ex-Zone sample storage chamber WS 316 Ex II


WaterSam controllers feature user-friendly operation and reliability. Both controller types not only enable to the activation of programs at the same time, they can be also run simultaneously.
Custom software modifications can easily made upon request.

Standardsteuerung für Probenehmer - Standard Controler for Automatic Wastewater Sampler

Standard Controller

The standard WaterSam controller is suitable for a wide variety of applications. Its 4-key user interface is easy to operate, and yet it offers the possibility of running up to 9 sampling programs at the same time. In addition, the standard controller has multiple menu levels, enabling the user to set a code that restricts access to certain menus. The 4 analog inputs and 10 digital inputs enable time-, volume-, flow-, and event-proportional sampling.
A built-in RS-232 serial port permits communication with external devices. With an optional modem, even remote control is a possibility.

WS 316 EX II Interior Sampler


The WaterSam MS3 controller offers user-friendly operation in addition to a range of communications possibilities and the ability to retrieve data from internal and external sources.
Despite the wide-ranging possibilities available, sampler operation is very user-friendly thanks to the 24 keys and large graphic display. Color-coded direct function keys serve to start, pause and stop selected programs. A grab sample can be taken simply by pressing the blue key.
Intelligent sensors can be connected directly to the controller, without the need for a transmitter. If desired, a variety of data can be accessed and retrieved via a USB port.