Sub-Zero Sample Preservation

WS 98 F Freezing Sampler

The WS 98 can preserve samples by immediately depositing them directly in its cooler. The removable cooler can then be brought to the lab, ensuring that the cold chain is never broken. Thanks to the unique distributor system, a variety of bottles can be filled.

The WS 98 F features the same benefits as the WS 98, and in addition offers the following functions:

  • Active refrigeration for sample cooling down to -22 °C
  • Ability to power cooler with socket in vehicle to maintain cold chain during transport
  • Sampler housing, frame and distributor made of stainless steel
  • Controller and other electronic components protected in sampler housing
  • No icing of fill opening
Freezing Sampler


WaterSam controllers feature user-friendly operation and reliability. Both controller types not only enable to the activation of programs at the same time, they can be also run simultaneously.
Custom software modifications can easily made upon request.

Freezing Sampler

The WaterSam MS3 controller offers user-friendly operation in addition to a range of communications possibilities and the ability to retrieve data from internal and external sources.
Despite the wide-ranging possibilities available, sampler operation is very user-friendly thanks to the 24 keys and large graphic display. Color-coded direct function keys serve to start, pause and stop selected programs. A grab sample can be taken simply by pressing the blue key.
Intelligent sensors can be connected directly to the controller, without the need for a transmitter. If desired, a variety of data can be accessed and retrieved via a USB port.

Sampling Systems

Depending on conditions and requirements, samplers are available with diverse sampling systems:

Technical Specifications

WS 98 F

GeneralStationary sampler for indoor applications
DimensionsHxWxD: 1,610 x 800 x 710 mm
WeightTotal, incl. frame: approx. 75–85 kg, depending on equipment
(cooler: approx. 18.5 kg)
Power RequirementsSampler: 230 V AC, 50 Hz
Cooler: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz;
12/24 V DC (vehicle power plug)

Sampling (Standard System)

Sampling SystemVAC vacuum pump sampling system for time-, volume, event-proportionale sampling
Optional: VAR-B, VAR-E, VAR-C or peristaltic pump for flow-proportional sampling (variable volumes)
Sample Volume15 – 350 ml (multiple-shot sampling possible)
Optional: larger volumes, up to 2000 ml
Metering VesselDURAN 50 borosilicate glass;
dishwasher-safe, resistant to acid, alkali, and temperature fluctuations
Pump Performance8 m lift height; 0.5 m/s up to 6 m lift heights;
14 l/min free flow
Optional: high-performance pump (19 l/min)
Optional: VacuPress for lift heights up to 30 m
Intake Hose12 mm ID PVC (optional: 16 mm ID)
Wetted PartsBorosilicate glass, PE, PVC, stainless steel 304/316Ti, silicone
Optional: alternative materials as required

Housing / Temperature Control

Housing MaterialsWS 98: stainless steel 316Ti
Frame: Stainless steel 304
XYZ Distributor: stainless steel 316Ti
Optional: powerder coating of stainless steel components (RAL colors)
Cooler: polyethylene with polyurethane insulation
Compressor Cooling12/24 V DC; 6 A with battery monitor
(requires external battery)
100-240 V AC; 1.3-0.7 A
CFC-free refrigerant R134a
Internal TemperatureAdjustable from -22 °C to +10 °C
Hourly Run Times atTypical data for 12 V DC / 230 V AC:
12% (power draw
Ti=5°C Ta=20°C
7.5 A DC / 0.7 A AC)
22% (power draw
Ti=5°C Ta=32°C
7.5 A DC / 0.7 A AC)

Verteiler / Flaschen

DistributorXYZ Distributor: three-axis coordinate system for direct depositing of discrete samples
Bottle SynchronizationAutomatic
Sample Bottles1 x 6.4 / 10.4 l PE
4 x 6.4 l PE
8 x 2 l PE