The FMWW system operates with continuous flow of the sample medium through the metering vessel. Optionally, the flow the can be stopped for the periods in between sampling.

  • Highest repeatability
  • Borosilicate glass metering vessel
Sample MediaClean to very dirty water/wastewater
Optional: pure/ultrapure water
Sampling ModesTime-, volume-, event-proportional
Sample VolumesFixed, adjustable from: 20 – 350 ml
Wetted PartsBorosilicate glass (dishwasher-safe; resistant to acid, alkali, and temperature shock), silicone, PVC, stainless steel
Optional: custom materials upon request
Available forWS 98, WS 312, WS 316, WS 316 SE, WS 316 SR
Probenamesystem - Sampling System FMWW